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So after a 10-hour flight, I landed in Panama.

I was greeted by an elderly man named Marin Kariff.

He had traveled miles out to the mainland… from his tiny island that was destroyed.

He told me his people needed our help.

So I took three volunteers with me on a trip to help this little island.

On the boat ride over, I was first struck by something odd about Marin.

He was an elderly man, but he had the spirit and energy of a youngster.

And he even insisted that he row us miles to his island without any help.

But it wasn’t just Marin…

When we arrived at his ruined village, everyone there was surprisingly upbeat.

The adults were gathered around having lively conversations. Some of the villagers were playing with the children and chasing them around.

And even though many were in their 40s, 50’s, 60s, and beyond,
they looked so young and slim you could hardly tell their real age.